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National Archives – Spring 2014

photo2[1]“Life Irrigation is proud to have completed a challenging installation at the prestigious National Archives in Kew – home to a thousand years’ worth of UK government records. The system involved the installation of completely hidden sub-surface Ecodrip irrigation to new flower beds and young trees which have been planted in the main lawn area. It was a pleasure for our team to work with the National Archives’ friendly staff in such a tranquil atmosphere, surrounded by beautiful gardens, water, ducks and swans”.

It’s a popular pastime, but can gardening actually make you money? Nicky Roeber, Online

Horticultural Expert at Wyevale Garden Centres, shares his tips on how property owners can increase the value of their homes by taking care of their garden.

Everyone knows the tricks when it comes to selling properties:convert the loft, add an extra bathroom, and give everything a fresh coat of paint before potential buyers come to visit. However, surprisingly little thought is given to a property’s exterior and to gardens in particular.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a garden look good, but the effect it has on the overall value of the property is quite significant: sometimes up to 20%, according to Sell House Fast. Plus, This Is Money found that gardening offers the second biggest return on investment when it comes to home improvements — 88%, just behind adding a conservatory.

So, what is it about gardens that makes people want to say ‘yes’?Below,I’ll explain just some of the ways a garden can increase the value of your property to potential buyers. For those looking to keep more money in their pocket, a discount broker who can sell your home cheap can save you several thousands or more.

A garden makes a good first impression

Gardens can give the exterior of your property a real ‘wow’ factor — what’s known as kerb appeal. A front garden is the first part of your house that potential buyers see so, if you’re lucky enough to have one,it’s important to look after it as it can give your whole property a lift. After all, it doesn’t take someone long to decide a property isn’t for them, and you don’t want to put them off before they’ve even gone inside.

I recommend getting water treatment in the villages for better water quality at home and also use it for your plants.

To make the most of your front garden, keep it neat, well maintained, and free from rubbish to make that all-important good first impression. If you don’t have a front garden, you can still add some initial impact by having potted plants on your front step,or by having a fresh bunch of flowers in the window. We also added some very nice exterior shutters Perth to avoid the sunlight coming through the window.

Remember to paint your fences, door and window frames, too, as peeling paint can be more noticeable than you might expect. Visit in case that you need furniture for any event.

When buying these substantial merchandise from a thrift retailer you are essential to go them in just a specified interval of time.Click here to learn more about tree removal services.

A garden provides privacy and quiet

Potential house buyers don’t just judge your property when they come to a viewing.They also assess the location, road, and surrounding buildings – particularly the proximity of your property to neighbours. No matter how much care and effort you may put into your interior, if something outside your property is putting buyers off then they will likely go elsewhere.

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