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Irrigation Expert FAQ

How do you know to choose the right irrigation installer?

FAQ number 1

Do they have enough experience?
Life Irrigation's parent company has been in the professional irrigation sector since 1990 having carried out thousands of installations since then.

number 2

Is the company a member of an irrigation association or are they WIAPS approved?
Life Irrigation is a member of the UK Irrigation Association (UKIA) and is also Water Industry Approved (WRAS). Thereforem you can be rest assured that all works comply with British Standards and are professionally conducted.

number 3

Are the appropriate components and pipes used for the right application?
Life Irrigation only uses equipment that is catered for the professional irrigation sector (not Jubilee clips or PVE connectors etc.) only 20/32/40/50mm MDPE (minimum 10 bar) pipes are placed underground (many installers use soft pipes that can sustain damage from garden forks and soil movement). Only compression fittings are used to connect the high pressure pipes. LDPE (soft pipes) are only surface laid and are visible.

number 4

What does the manifold set comprise of?
Life Irrigation uses connectors that are designed for professional manifold sets � nothing else, which is why there will be no Jubilee or PVE connectors or pieces of hose pipe used.

number 5

Are the staff adequately trained?
Life Irrigation's staff attend regular training about irrigation products, tooling, machinery, health and safety and first aid. No sub contractors are used.

number 6

What kind of computer is used?
Life Irrigation uses a main irrigation computer for all multi zone applications. Some companies use a number of battery operated controllers, to create a manifold.

number 7

Is there a rain sensor?
Life Irrigation always recommends that a rain sensor is fitted in order to protect plants from over watering and conserve water. Battery controlled timers cannot normally be connected to a rain sensor..

number 8

Do all the pop-up sprinklers overlap?
It is important that pop up spray will overlap to reach other pop up sprinklers, as the jet does not have an even distribution.

number 9

If a pump is installed, is it powerful enough to operate all the zones efficiently?
Life Irrigation ensures that it is. The size of the garden, the size and number of zones required are all taken into consideration.

number 10

If a drip irrigation system is used, is it the right one for my garden?
Life supplies and installs the best available drip irrigation products. We source our drip from the world's largest professional drip manufacturers. The Ecodrip™ range has the qualities of the world's most advanced drip irrigation system, with an anti-siphon mechanism, compensated non leakage (will not flood low areas at the end of a cycle) and can operate from half a bar of pressure upwards - technical information available on request.