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Life Irrigation provide a comprehensive range of irrigation services from garden irrigation services such as lawn irrigation and landscape design to commercial irrigation solutions such as golf course irrigation, agricultural irrigation or car park irrigation.

Life Irrigation are among the leading UK irrigation companies for a variety of reasons:

Years of experience in the garden and landscape sectors lead Life Irrigation to pioneer irrigation techniques and develop the most cost effective, durable and water saving automatic irrigation systems.

Working with companies such as Ecodrip has allowed Life Irrigation to be in the forefront of the landscape irrigation because Life Irrigation has access to the most cutting edge Irrigation technology.

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Commercial Irrigation

Solutions for commercial and landscaped spaces

Garden Irrigation

Solutions for domestic and residential gardens

Type of Services provided

If you need irrigation services, you are guaranteed to find them at Life Irrigation. We provide anything from typical garden irrigation services like landscape design and lawn irrigation to commercial solutions like agricultural irrigation and car park irrigation. All of our services demonstrate industry excellence as we have heaps of experience. This combined with our partnership with Life Irrigation's, has allowed us to develop and supply irrigation systems which are cutting-edge.

Leader with Sprinklers

One of Life Irrigation's services is Sprinkler Installation. Why choose to use our services for sprinkler installation? Well, it is essential to choose and install the most suitable sprinkler system in both commercial and residential locations. This must be done at an early stage of your garden or landscape design. We believe that even professionals should discuss sprinkler installation with us, as choosing the correct one is difficult. We view your garden or landscape so that we can find the perfect solution for it from the wide range of sprinklers that we supply. These include mini sprinklers, pop-up sprinklers and rotor sprinklers. Due to the variation in rainfall levels across the UK, we also have to take this into account when choosing the right sprinkler system.