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Life Irrigation has a Garden Irrigation System to Suit Any Garden

Example of our Garden Irrigation

The need for garden irrigation has become more prevalent with the change in the UK's ever warming climate. On many new build projects, garden irrigation is specified as a standard and is often required as part of the planning process by some Local Authorities. Whereas in the past, irrigation was considered to be a luxury, in today's climate, irrigation is more of a necessity. With lifestyles becoming ever busier, why not let an automatic irrigation system take care of your garden and leave you time to do other things.

English gardens are differently sized, shaped and landscaped and therefore, tailor made garden irrigation watering systems are required. Life Irrigation caters for any size, type or shape of garden - from a small, medium to large landscaped areas.

However, in particular, large gardens can benefit from advanced technology and sophisticated irrigation systems that include huge water saving benefits.

Life Irrigation provides you with the professional installation expertise to install automatic watering systems to your garden.

We regularly install garden watering irrigation systems to a variety of UK locations such as:

Life Irrigation services cover the whole of the South East of the UK

Life Irrigation can also install more diverse watering systems that may require advanced computer systems, lawn sprinklers, garden water pipes, pump and tanks and much more.

Nowhere in the UK will you find a more experienced and professional garden irrigation company.

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