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Hanging Flower Baskets Irrigation

Hanging baskets are a much loved attribute to many English gardens but require careful maintenance and watering to ensure that your floral displays are watered to precision and last longer. Correctly watered hanging baskets provide glorious colour to your garden throughout the summer. Life Irrigation has the perfect irrigation solution for you!

Bore hole drilling for irrigation and watering projects service

As part of an automatic irrigation system installation, we are often asked by clients to provide irrigation to their much loved and beautiful hanging baskets. The mini sprinklers are individually placed in the hanging basket or pot and the flow of water can be easily regulated as required. Irrigation to hanging baskets is normally connected to a neighbouring zone, whether this is a border that is watered by micro sprinklers or a flower bed containing Ecodrip drip lines.

Life Irrigation's speciality is to minimise the use of water while watering the hanging baskets with the least amount of water. We conceal the pipes as much as possible, whilst making them accessible for future maintenance. Plants and flowers in hanging baskets dry out much quicker than plants in the ground and that is why correct watering by means of mini sprinklers is so crucial. Dead or under watered flowers will be a thing of the past with a Life Irrigation system and your hanging baskets will flourish and thrive even when you are away on holiday!

We always advise clients to place liners within hanging baskets to enable the flowers to absorb as much moisture as possible.

When a hanging basket is not in use, the individual mini sprinklers can be easily turned off by a simple click of the nozzle. In addition, if required, we can install an isolator that is located in an area between your flower beds and the hanging baskets, enabling individual sections to be turned off.

Once the watering system is in place, it will automate the watering process, making the customer's life easier, whilst helping to conserve finite water resources.

We have installed automatic irrigation to many hanging baskets, pots and containers in a variety of UK locations such as:

Life Irrigation services cover the whole of the South East of the UK

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