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Landscape Design

Life Irrigation works alongside Landscape Design professionals as well as members of the public directly

Life Irrigation have vast experience in creating bespoke solutions for landscape designers

Life Irrigation works with landscape design companies, as well as gardeners and major house builders to plan and implement the best automatic irrigation system for the proposed application. Over 60% of our business is generated from recommendations, many of which are from fellow members of the trade.

Our vast experience in installing bespoke systems to match landscape designers' requirements means that we know how to provide effective watering systems without compromising the garden or landscape design. We often provide useful information and irrigation solutions to landscape designers to enable their planning to be flawless. At the early design stages of a project, we can prepare an outline quotation from a garden design plan.

Life Irrigation automatic watering systems ensure that the natural equilibrium of the garden lawn and plant life are kept to the optimum in the most balanced way throughout the seasons. Life Irrigation understands the UK's irrigation requirements like no other irrigation firm and is based on our vast experience and knowledge.

Investing in garden watering for landscape design might be overlooked at initial stages. Therefore Life Irrigation works with Landscape Design professionals and Garden designers to create the best and most cost effective watering systems for UK landscape design requirements.

We work with landscape designers, other professionals and members of the public to create cost effective automatic watering and irrigation systems in a variety of UK locations, such as:

Life Irrigation services cover the whole of the South East of the UK

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