Bringing life to your garden since 1990

Landscape Irrigation for Gardens & Landscaped Spaces

We are experts in Irrigation and have brought Life to your garden for over 25 years

Experts in landscape irrigation

Life Irrigation specialises in the installation of high quality professional automatic watering systems, providing your garden with water efficient irrigation systems for any type of landscape application.

We only use professional components from the pipes to pop up sprinklers, micro sprinklers, compression fittings, controllers, connectors and all other associated parts. As a company policy, would never use any DIY fittings, pipes or equipment/rubber hose, jubilee clips, pvc fittings, etc.

Some of our landscape irrigation installations use a combination of world class sprinkler systems and innovative and proven methods of drip irrigation.

Our drip irrigation systems utilise an anti-syphon mechanism to prevent flooding in low or sloping areas. All of our landscape irrigation systems are extremely durable and have been designed to work in the toughest landscape terrains, as well as remaining damage free during harsh winters.

Life Irrigation's systems are designed in such a way to allow their expansion to additional areas in the future if required.

Life Irrigation has installed hundreds of landscape irrigation systems over the years to both private garden irrigation and commercial irrigation and continue to do so. We pride ourselves on our standard of expertise and the level of customer service that we provide our clients.

We have installed residential and commercial landscape irrigation systems in a variety of UK locations such as:

Life Irrigation services cover the whole of the South East of the UK

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