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Sprinkler Systems for Commercial & Residential Projects

Life Irrigation has a Garden Sprinkler System to Suit Every Garden's Needs

Example of one of our pop-up sprinklers at work

Choosing and installing the correct sprinkler and irrigation system for your garden, whether existing or newly landscaped, residential property or commercial establishment.

For a newly landscaped garden, it is beneficial for Life Irrigation to become involved during the design stage. We are happy to give advice on any aspect of the irrigation project and can often highlight areas that may not have been previously considered - such as the pros and cons of rainwater harvesting, amongst other topics. We always provide solid, unbiased professional advice.

Garden and landscape professionals often discuss sprinkler installation with Life Irrigation at the early stages of the landscape project. We are able to advise on the various methods of suitable automatic watering systems - pop up sprinklers for lawns, micro sprinklers and misters for flower beds and Ecodrip for borders or hedges. In addition, Life Irrigation will provide information as to where conduits and pulling cords need to be positioned, power points or other elements that will be beneficial in the early design stage. Our input is beneficial for other tradesmen involved in the project, such as electricians, plumbers, etc. All trades are well co-ordinated and the work can take place effortlessly and efficiently.

Life Irrigation recommends a variety of sprinklers from gear driven pop up sprinklers, micro sprinklers to other pop-up sprinklers. We recommend each option on a project by project basis, as we will need to assess your garden landscape plan and/or conduct a site survey.

Life Irrigation will plan and install the most accurate, reliable and appropriate sprinkler system for your project, taking into account your requirements, budget and ground conditions.

We have installed residential and commercial sprinkler systems in a variety of UK locations such as:

Life Irrigation services cover the whole of the South East of the UK

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