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Watering Systems

A professionally designed and installed watering system is an investment & it is important to choose the right company...

Watering Systems

An efficiently and professionally installed garden watering or irrigation system is at the heart of every irrigation and landscape project. It is never too late to think about irrigation, even if your garden has reached full maturity. As experts in the sector, Life Irrigation is able to install watering systems to gardens that are not yet landscaped or to existing lawns and flower beds.

Water is a valuable asset and Life Irrigation efficiently and economically maximises the use of water by utilising the best and most cost effective watering systems. A professionally installed irrigation system conserves water and gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that your garden is receiving the correct amount of water.

Life Irrigation watering systems will keep your garden, lawns, flowers, shrubs, climbers, vegetables, trees and hanging baskets or pots watered on an automated basis without manual intervention. The irrigation system is normally programmed to water all areas overnight (when water pressure is at its optimum and the least amount of water is lost through evaporation). We calculate the amount of water required for each application – whether this be lawns, flower beds, hedges, hanging baskets or pots – to ensure that your garden flourishes even when you are on holiday via computerised automatic watering systems.

A professionally installed irrigation system is an investment and it is crucial to choose a company with many years of expertise in the sector. Our carefully trained team of irrigation engineers and office based staff ensure that your irrigation project runs smoothly from the initial contact right through to the installation and after care service. Therefore, it is important for anyone appointing an irrigation contractor to get it right the first time!

Please browse through our photograph gallery in which you will find examples of all aspect of Life Irrigation’s work. We are proud of what we do and have hundreds of satisfied clients whose beautiful, lush green gardens flourish as a result of our watering systems.

Please either telephone us or fill in a contact form and we will be pleased to discuss your specific irrigation requirements in further detail.

We have installed automatic watering systems in a variety of UK locations such as:

Life Irrigation services cover the whole of the South East of the UK

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