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Bringing life to your garden since 1990

Why Choose Life Irrigation As Your Installer?

We have been bringing Life to your garden since 1990 and will continue to do so for many years to come!

The concept

We design the most economical and efficient watering system for your garden. A computer controls the flow of water to the relevant zones. We install rain sensors that measure the amount of rainfall. This ensures that there is no excess watering, thereby saving you money and conserving water. Our range includes an automatic controller which either increases or decreases the supply of water, depending on the weather conditions. The system stops the flow of water when the programmed amount of rain is detected and triggers its commencement as and when required. The watering system can be programmed to work at any time to minimise inconvenience to you or your neighbours, i.e. early mornings/overnight.

Leave your garden in safe hands

Dry gardens are a thing of the past with a fully automated irrigation system - you can now enjoy your summer holidays away from home knowing that your garden is in safe hands!

Why Choose Life Irrigation?


We pride ourselves on the level of support provided to our customers for years to come after the initial installation. During the winter months, we provide a drain down of the system service and re-commissioning in the spring. Our team can usually be on site within 24-48 hours of call-out to attend to any problems. We always keep in touch with our customers.

Our reputation

Life Irrigation works in conjunction with many trade partners, such as landscape designers and architects, building contractors/major house builders/developers and gardeners, as well as members of the public directly. Working with members of the trade is a prelude to our high standard of care and workmanship. We will be able to provide references upon request. We have comprehensive Public & Employer’s Liability insurances. When we complete our work, the site is left clean, the trenches are refilled and the ground is compacted so that only the stitches are vaguely visible in the lawn - under normal conditions any marks disappear within 2-4 weeks.

We only install irrigation systems and nothing else. We stick to what we are good at!