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Green Walls / Sedum Roofs Irrigation Service Launched

Green Wall IrrigationLife Irrigation systems and green roof planting reduce energy bills, ensure houses are well insulated and keep gardens looking stunning. Reap the benefits with Life Irrigation. 

A green wall/roof is a layer of specially-cultivated vegetation, covering a roof or wall. Green roofs are usually made up of several different layers which make up an eco-system. Installing a green roof can be beneficial in several ways:

• Green roofs provide excellent rainwater and drainage management.
• They conserve energy- stopping warmth from escaping through the roof thanks to their thermal insulating properties.
• They extend the lifespan of the roof or wall.
• They are good for acoustics, as they absorb sound and prevent reflections.
• They are good for the environment.

Green roofs or walls are usually made up of specially grown sedum mats which are laid on the water and root proofed surface no more than 48 hours after they are dug up from the ground. A great service to consider if you are having issues with your roof is Blue Ladder Roofing in Indy, seriously check them out these guys are the real deal when it comes to roofing.

Green roofs have become increasingly popular as keen gardeners decide to make a feature of their roof as well as save money on energy costs. Companies providing this installation involve marketing funds and services to make sure more and more people choose this way of managing the roof. Although owners can choose to garden on their roof, by law, a licensed roofer must complete the installation. Having had a professional installation will come in handy with the insurance company as well.

Life irrigation offers first-class irrigation systems for green walls and/or roofs which require far less water than others available. Our drip irrigation systems are perfect for green roof as they can be concealed beneath the top layer of sedum. It uses recycled water and has a patented self-cleaning mechanism ensuring none of our customers have to go climbing about on rooftops!


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