What we did

The gear driven pop up sprinklers are positioned in such a way to ensure that every inch of the lawn is covered by at least 2 overlapping sprinklers. As a result, the lawn is always green and healthy even in the harshest heatwave. Once the cycle has finished, the gear driven pop up sprinklers retract underground and are barely visible.

Micro sprinklers are available with different heads and output to suit the planting scheme. We select the correct components to distribute water to precision level. This ensures that every area of the flower bed is watered, either with a mist or fine droplets that simulate rainfall.

A 3000 litre tank is concealed from view at the end of the garden, containing a submersible pump to ensure that adequate water is delivered to all zones of the irrigation system, whilst the rain sensor will over-ride the system when a pre-set amount of rainfall has been detected (typically 6mm), thereby ensuring that no excess watering occurs.

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Client Review

“Superb service from the Life Irrigation team. Right from the quote through to delivery of the system. Friendly, professional and efficient. Great job to Ronen, Gill and the team”