Supplier of:

Life Irrigation’s purchasing team continually search in an effort to source the best and most reliable professional irrigation products, many of which are imported directly from the manufacturers and some are exclusive to us. This ensures that all our irrigation systems use the same products and there is no variation in equipment from garden to garden.

As we offer all our clients a bi-annual maintenance service, which includes the replacement of parts at no extra cost, we always have a full stock of identical replacement parts on our vans.

The fact that we do not use “mix and match” products guarantees an even and uniform distribution of water throughout all zones in our irrigation systems. In addition, as we absorb the cost of replacement parts during the bi-annual maintenance service, it is in our best interests (as well as the client’s) that only the best products are used.

Our irrigation products range from drip irrigation, to lawn watering systems, automatic irrigation right through to a range of mini and gear driven pop-up sprinkler systems.

Our expertise and vast knowledge in the irrigation sector will guide you to the most suitable products for your garden with the most cost effective irrigation technology and product for your project. You can rest assured that any equipment we install will last for many years, as tried and fully tested by Life Irrigation over the years.