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Life Irrigation are among the leading UK irrigation companies for a variety of reasons. Years of experience in the garden and landscape sectors lead Life Irrigation to pioneer irrigation techniques and develop the most cost effective, durable and water saving automatic irrigation systems.

Working with world leading professional irrigation companies has allowed Life Irrigation to be in the forefront of the landscape irrigation because Life Irrigation has access to the most cutting edge Irrigation technology.

If you need irrigation services, you are guaranteed to find them at Life Irrigation. We provide anything from typical garden irrigation services like landscape design and lawn irrigation to commercial solutions like agricultural irrigation and car park irrigation. All of our services demonstrate industry excellence as we have heaps of experience. This combined with our partnership with Life Irrigation’s, has allowed us to develop and supply irrigation systems which are cutting-edge.

Our Services

Garden Irrigation

The need for garden irrigation has become more prevalent with the change in the UK’s ever warming climate.


Commercial Irrigation

Life Irrigation – Commercial Irrigation System Installation Professionals.


Landscape Design

Life Irrigation works alongside Landscape Design professionals as well as members of the public directly.


Lawn Irrigation

Gear Driven Pop up sprinklers are our preferred method of grass and lawn irrigation.


Watering Systems

A professionally designed and installed watering system is an investment & it is important to choose the right company.


Sprinkler Systems

Life Irrigation has a Garden Sprinkler System to Suit Every Garden’s Needs.


Landscape Irrigation

We are experts in Irrigation and have brought Life to your garden for over 25 years.


Bore Hole Drilling

Bore Hole Drilling is the process used to access a natural underground water supply.


Hanging Baskets Irrigation

Hanging baskets are a much loved attribute to many English gardens but require careful maintenance and watering to ensure that your floral displays are watered to precision and last longer.


Automatic Watering

Automatic Garden Watering Systems ensure perfectly watered gardens and complete peace of mind in the knowledge that your garden is being looked after even when you are away.