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The perfect irrigation solutions

All Drip irrigations solutions provided are of far superior quality and ensure a saving of almost 90% on water bills if installed and managed correctly. Life Irrigation will be happy to discuss your drip irrigation requirements.

We have the perfect solution for irrigation of slopes and uneven surfaces, furnished gardens or car park environments. The EcoDrip™ is a surfaced or sub-surface irrigation that is ideal for such areas, as it replaces sprinklers and avoids water splashing as well as having an anti siphon mechanism, thus preventing flooding in lower areas.

Water distribution is even throughout the zone at 1.6 litres per hour per drip whether it is nearest or farthest from the water source. Each drip pipe has a patented self cleaning mechanism.

It is also ideal for irrigating roof terraces. As the sub-surface irrigation is invisible it can be activated day or night.



The no-drain flow-regulated integral dripline

Self cleaning mechanism / Anti syphon / Recycled water / Pressure regulated / Built in non leakage device / Root prevention / Water conservation / Both sub surface and on surface

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How does Drip irrigation work?

Life Irrigation provides gardens and landscapes across the United Kingdom with a wide range of drip irrigation systems (“drip systems”). All are of very high quality and if managed and installed in the right way, save almost 90% on water bills. For the irrigation of uneven surfaces and slopes, car park environments or furnished gardens, Life Irrigation has its surfaced or sub-surface irrigation, the EcoDrip™. This is the perfect product for these types of surfaces, as it avoids water splashing and replaces sprinklers. In addition, it has an anti-siphon mechanism, which stops flooding in low lying areas.

Getting the right amount of water

In terms of water distribution, it is exactly 1.6 litres per hour per drip throughout the entire area, with no variation due to differences in distance from the water source. This ensures all areas get precisely the amount of water they need to grow optimally. If you require irrigation for roof terraces, the EcoDrip™ can do the job. The invisible nature of the sub-surface irrigation allows it to be activated either during the day or the night. To find further information on the exact characteristics of our drip system, go to the page on drip irrigation systems, or alternatively contact us to discuss your drip system requirements.