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Life Irrigation takes pride in the unique methods we use to install pipes and pop up sprinklers to existing or new lawn areas.

We have developed our methods of installation, based on many years of experience and we continually strive to improve. Top of the range self propelled turf cutters are used to cut precise 16″ wide sections of turf that are then rolled up and set aside (see photograph gallery for examples of lawn irrigation). Using a precision turf cutter ensures that the turf does not sustain any damage (provided the lawn is healthy from the outset). We select the correct trencher for the individual application/garden and trench to the appropriate depth. We ensure that the channel is free of debris and then lay the pipes/equipment, backfill and return the grass to its original state. The areas of lawn that are lifted recover very quickly as we ensure that irrigation is provided immediately. Areas that are to be newly turfed are trenched in advance and we return to carry out final adjustments to pop up sprinklers post turfing.

Grass and lawns can be irrigated via automatic watering systems utilising drip irrigation or a range of different pop-up sprinklers. We would need to conduct a site survey of your garden or landscaped area to discuss your exact requirements and the options that are available.

When installing irrigation to lawns, there is a choice of pop up sprinklers available and it is important to choose the correct products.

This is where our expertise comes into play as we will select the correct pop up sprinkler from the outset to ensure that all lawn areas receive a uniform amount of water, with minimal water wastage and without the need to over-water to compensate for dry areas, which is often the case when an irrigation system has been installed by an unprofessional installer.

For larger lawn areas, we would recommend installing Weathermatic T3 gear driven pop up sprinklers, with an ideal range of 6-11 metres per sprinkler. We have used these pop up sprinklers for over 15 years and found them to be exceptionally reliable. In fact, these sprinklers are no longer available in Europe and Life Irrigation imports them directly from the USA, as we strive to use the same equipment in all our installations.

An alternative to the gear driven pop up sprinkler that is available on the market is the MP Rotator. This pop up sprinkler is much smaller and is available with a choice of heads for the appropriate radius. We would only use the MP Rotator pop up sprinkler for small sections of lawn.