It is imperative to setup a correct irrigation sprinkler system in your garden. Pop Up sprinklers can help to regulate water distribution to the grass, lawn and plants during the hot summer months.

UK climate is proving to be more unpredictable than ever, it is important to have a tip top sprinkler watering system in your garden or landscape whether residential or commercial.

As every landscape is unique Life Irrigation will need to see your garden to determine the best sprinkler system.

Sometimes we will recommend setting up a combined irrigation system made up of Popup sprinklers and or mini sprinklers and drip irrigation systems such as EcoDrip™.

Life Irrigation has installed dozens of popup sprinklers in London, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and other south east & home counties. Life Irrigation works nationwide and can install sprinkler systems in other counties such as Surrey, Kent, Oxfordshire, etc.

Weathermatic T3 gear driven pop up sprinkler

Innovative gear driven pop up sprinkler for residential and commercial applications

Available with 8 different nozzles, the sprinklers are capable of watering from 30-360 degrees.

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Hunter MP Rotator

Innovative pop up sprinklers for small sized turfed areas

Designed for small sized lawns with different heads that control water flow and diameter. Capable of watering from 45-360 degrees.

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