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Garden Sprinkler Pop Up Systems

Pop up sprinklers are designed to be suitable for all types of Lawn Irrigation. Life Irrigation has installed hundreds of sprinkler systems for lawns and grass to gardens across the South East of England and the Home Counties.

We always specify quality, Weathermatic T3 gear driven pop up sprinklers where possible due to their reliable mechanism and strong spring. The mid range gear driven pop up sprinkler requires a reliable water pressure (normally generated via a pumped system or via a strong mains pressure) and operates using interlocking wheels. It has a very powerful spring to ensure that the sprinkler retracts underground at the end of the watering cycle. It has a typical range of 6-11 metres and it is essential that all sprinklers overlap to achieve unified watering coverage. The pop up sprinklers are positioned in such a way that will ensure that only the lawn receives water, whilst as much as possible, paved areas nearby remain dry.

The MP Rotator is a short range sprinkler, smaller in size than the gear driven pop up sprinkler and is normally used for narrow strips of lawn and smaller lawn areas where gear driven pop up sprinklers would not be suitable. Unlike the mid range gear driven sprinkler, the MP Rotator emits a gentle multi spray that continuously rotates.

Drip Irrigation/Sub Surface Ecodrip

Sub-surface irrigation and drip irrigation products have anti-syphon and self cleaning mechanisms and are therefore suitable for some lawn watering applications, such as public areas, car parks and the like.

Fine examples of lawns into which Life Irrigation has installed irrigation systems can be seen in our photograph gallery. Flourishing, verdant lawns are at the heart of every garden lover’s dream. This dream can be turned into a reality – contact us to find out how! Our team is only a call or an e-mail away.

We have installed lawn irrigation and automatic grass watering systems in a variety of UK locations such as:

Diarmuid Gavin Designs

Diarmuid Gavin

“Life Irrigation are pioneers in the development and installation of innovative irrigation solutions. Added to this they are fantastic people – efficient, competitive and fun. I have Life Irrigation in my garden – I’d recommend them to anyone”

Graham A.Pavey Garden Design

Graham A.Pavey

“Life Irrigation offer a personal service which is second to none. I have to ensure that my clients are in good hands when I recommend someone to them otherwise it reflects on my own reputation. Other Irrigation companies have let me down, but not Life Irrigation. I recommend them unreservedly.”

Justin Greer Garden Design

Justin Greer

“Life Irrigation not only expertly install efficient and bespoke watering systems they also are professional, courteous and a delight to work with. My clients are thrilled with their work and I recommend their expertise wholeheartedly.”

Arkley, Hertfordshire

Mrs. S

“I would like to say a huge thank you to you, as well as the team, who installed our irrigation system. From the very outset your company and employees have acted with complete professionalism and we have been so impressed. We are already passing your company’s telephone number onto friends and would not hesitate to recommend you. Please pass on our grateful thanks to all the team who have worked on the project and visited our house. They are a credit to your company.”


Mr. R.C.

“Thanks for the quality of your work. It was a pleasure to have Steve, Dave and the boys around.”


Mr. P.H.

“I would like to thank you, Steve and the whole team for an excellent job carried out with both care and attention to detail and producing a really good result. The job took a lot longer and involved a lot more work than either of us anticipated, and I am very grateful for your consistent and good natured support and assistance throughout the whole project. Thank you.”

Gill Atkins Garden Design

Gill Atkins

“In my experience Life Irrigation are easy to work with, helpful and knowledgeable; this, together with their on-going maintenance service are just what I require as a garden designer.”


Mr. D. G.

“You arrived on site and got on with your work so neatly and efficiently, just like the secret service”


Mrs. L

“The Team installed a lawn sprinkler and flowerbed watering system at our home about ten years ago. Our bi-annual maintenance contract with them is fantastic. They ensure that everything works properly at the beginning of the growing season and that the system is drained down at the end… I just don’t have to worry about it. The team are not only very professional, neat & tidy in their work, but just thoroughly nice people to deal with. I highly recommend them!”