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Life Irrigation specialises in the expert design and installation of professional landscape and garden irrigation and automatic watering systems for both private and commercial irrigation systems.

We provide irrigation services and install automatic watering systems for garden, lawn and landscape irrigation projects in areas including Greater London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Middlesex and Surrey.

The watering systems we use include sprinkler systems, automatic irrigation and drip irrigation for gardens and other outdoor spaces, covering grass, lawns, flower beds, hanging baskets, etc.

Life Irrigation provides irrigation services which include the planning and installation of high quality and cost effective irrigation equipment and systems, as well as offering a twice yearly maintenance plan to aid the longevity of your system.

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Life Irrigation supply and install irrigation systems to all of the home counties including London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

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Water Conservation and a Healthy Garden

There are some important factors to take into account when considering having an automatic water system installed: the constant health of the garden and plants should be balanced with efficient water consumption and it is essential, therefore, to plan an irrigation system which will save precious water and minimise the cost of irrigation hardware and maintenance bills.

Efficient Garden Watering

Life Irrigation specialises in high quality, professional garden irrigation systems, and the watering systems are the focal point of every project. A superior watering system will be extremely efficient and cost effective as it will minimise water usage. The systems installed by Life Irrigation can reduce water usage by as much as 90%!

Manual intervention is unnecessary as the user friendly computerised system will be tailored to your specific needs and will automatically water your garden, agricultural products or flowers at set intervals. You can go away on holiday, safe in the knowledge that Life Irrigation’s garden watering systems will keep your grass and flowers watered and healthy in your absence.

Pricing of Irrigation Systems

Every project is different and therefore costs will be dependent on your individual specification. Variations in requirements or project characteristics will include, for example, size of garden, water pressure, whether or not a tank is needed, ground conditions, the number of pop up sprinklers, micro sprinklers, drip irrigation and watering zones, etc.

Life Irrigation will ensure that in tailoring a system to suit you, you will be quoted for the most cost-effective solution and, whatever the size of your project, our garden watering systems will be of the highest standard.

How do you know to choose the right irrigation installer?
number 1

Do they have enough experience?

Life Irrigation have been industry leaders since 1990.

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Member of irrigation association?

Life Irrigation is member of UKIA and WRAS to comply with all british standards.

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Appropriate components?

Life uses equipment catered for professional irrigation.

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Using manifold set?

Life uses professional connectors and nothing else (no Jubilee or PVE).

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Trained staff?

Life's staff attend training about tooling, machinery, health and safety.

number 1

Quality computer?

Life uses a main irrigation computer for all multi zone applications.

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Using rain sensor?

Life recommends rain sensor to protect plant from over watering.

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Overlapping rain sensor?

Pop up sprays need to overlap as jets don't have even distribution.

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Efficient pumps?

Life take size of garden and number of zones into consideration to install powerful pumps.

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Right drip irrigation?

The Ecodrip™ range has the qualities of the world's largest drip manufacturers.